Look at my love


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E D A D 
There's a lot to learn for wastin' time E D A D  
There's a heart that burns there's an open mind Bm G  
Look out for my love ( X4) E E  You own it You own 
it now etc...(même construction) There's a weight on you but you can't feel 
it Livin'like I do it's hard to see it was I hunt too bad can I show tou day light 
how could you be sad When I know that you might Look out for my love (x4) Em7 
Am  It's in your neightbourhood I know things are gonna change G 
But I can't say good or bad Silver wings of mornings shinning in the grey day 
While the ice is forming on a lonely runway Hydraulic wipers pumping till the 
window glistens Something saying something but no onr seems to listen Men wear 
walkie-talkies and with flash-lights waving Up upon the tower time reads daylight 
sailing I homed again to you babe You know it makes me wonder Sittin' in the quiet 
slipstream in the thunder Look out fot my love ( x 7 ) 
 textes neil young